Rules & Regulations

 General Rules for Maintenance of Discipline in College: 

(i) The College is committed to maintenance of discipline and decorum among students.

(ii) Students must abide by all rules and regulations as prescribed by the college authority violations of rules, irregular attendance, irregular clearance of dues, showing discourtesy to lecturers and staff members in any form adoption of unfair means during examination, delinquent behaviour in the college campus or outside etc. are some of the offences which may invite disciplinary action like termination of scholarship, forced transfer and even ex pulsion from the college.

(iii) All kinds of ragging in college campus are strictly prohibited. Strong disciplinary action will be taken if one is found to be involved directly or indirectly in ragging.

(iv) Any notice desired to be pasted or circulated by the students anywhere in the college premises will need the prior permission of the college authority.

(v) Power in respect to maintenance of discipline are rested with the Head of the Institution. His decision shall be final in all such matters.

(vi) Use of Mobile Phone by the students in the college campus are strictly prohibited.

(vii) Wearing of college uniform is compulsory during college hours on all working days in cluding day of college week, meeting, examination etc.

Identity Card

College Identity Cards are issued annually old Identity Card is to be renewed at the beginning of each academic session

The college authority reserves the right to issue a duplicate Identity Card in case of loss / damage of the original card

For Identity Card the students have to be submit the following materials.

(i) One copy passport size photograph.

(ii) Blood Group Report.

(iii) Identification Mark.

Students Union and its Activities

The Milanjyoti College Students Union (M.J.C.S.U.) is the general body of the students of the college. Its membership is elected by the students annually

For the all round development of the students unionorganises various cocurricular and extracurricular activities. Interested students may participate in different competitions in games and sports, debats and symposia, cultural items and social services organised inside the col lege. The College also participates in different competitions organised by Gauhati University. Moreover, the college participates in different football, volley ball, debate and drama competi tions conducted by different organisations

Students Uniform

Each student of the college must attend the classes in their uniform. The colour conbination of the college uniform is given below

(i) For boys: Shirt Pink , Pant Black

(ii) For girls: Kameez Pink , Salwer Black Duppatta Black 

Attendance of Students

(i) The students must attend at least 75% of the lectures delivered in each subject to become eligible for appearing in the university or council examinations. The scholarship holder must attend at least 80% of the lectures delivered in each subject for the renewal of their scholarship

(ii) Major student will have to be closely associated with the respective academic organisations available in the college

(iii) Change in combination / major/faculty can be made with proper permission from the Principal within 30 days (thirty days) of admission to the concerned class

College Transfer Certificate

If a student want to leave the college, an application to the principal for issue of transfer certificate is to be submitted with clearance from the following

i) College Office. (ii) College library.