Course of the Study

Subject offered in Degree Course:

(a) Pass Course 

(i) English (ii) MIL (Assamese/Hindi) (iii) Economics (iv) Political Science (v) Education 

(vi) History (vii) Philosophy (viii) Arabic (ix) ASL (x) Hindi.

(b) Major Course 

(i) Political Science (ii) Assamese (iii) Arabic (iv) History (v) Philosophy (vi) Economics 

(vii) English (viii) Hindi (ix) Education

 Combination of Subjects:

(a) B.A. First Semester (Arts) Pass Course 

(i) English, MIL (Assamese I Hindi) are compulsory. (ii) Other Subject stated below are to be offered (Combination in any two)

(a) Education (b) Political Science (c) Arabic (d) Economics (e) History (f) Philosophy (g) ASL 

(b) B.A. First Semester (Arts) Major Course 

(i) English, MIL (Assamese/Hindi) are compulsory. (ii) Major Subject

(iii) Any elective subject offered above

(c) B.A. Third Semester (Arts) Pass Course 

(i) MIL (Assamese I Hindi) are compulsory. (ii) Two Elective Subjects

(iii) Environmental Studies.

(d) B.A. Third Semester (Arts) Major Course 

(1) MIL (Assamese I Hindi) are compulsory. (ii) Major Subject

(iii) Environmental Studies. (iv) Anyone Elective Subject.

(e) B.A. Fifth Semester (Arts) Pass Course 

(i) Two elective subject.

(f) B. A. Fifth Semester (Arts) Major Course 

Only Major subject.

N.B.:-No change of combination subject will allowed after one month from the commencement of classes. Number of seats are available in various classes. The college authority reserves the right alter nos. of seats it think fits.