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Brief History of Milanjyoti College

It was 1997 when Milanjyoti College came into existence under the Principalship of Abdur Rashid Ahmed with 10 lecturers and 65 students. Then it was continued under the principalship of Sabur Uddin Dewan. Owing to poverty. Poor socioeconomic and other contemporary condi tion the surrounding students were not able to admit in the different colleges. For surrounding stu dents there was no alternative except the establishment of the Milanjyoti College. By din’t of hard labour, support and guidance of the MLA of Barpeta LAC Lt. Mr. Ismail Hussain and some social activists vizLate. Alhaj Abdur Rahman, Maij Uddin Ahmed, Late Nurul Islam, Abdur Rashid Ahmed, Rustam Ali, Late Nowshad Ali, Piar Ali, Akkas Ali, Atowar Rahman, Late Muksed Ali, Momrej Ali, Alhaj Dewan Hakim Uddin etc. A group of sympathetic and enthusiastic people dedi cated themselves to the course of establishing a College on the Itervita GoReserve. At the begin ing College was temporarily established, at 947 No. Kaljhar Helonar Pam L.P. School Campus. Piar Ali the Headmaster of this L.P. School had given some special facilities to the College at this duration. With the cooperation and financial help of MLA and generous people of the locality soon there was a permanent structure of the College building to make it a fullfleged institution of Higher Education. The college has got final concurrenced in the year 2008. When the College got financial assistance from the Govt., the financial burden reduce to a great extent. The college has got permanent affiliation from G.U. in the year 2013 as well as the college has got F2 and 12B po sition from U.G.C., At present a large number of students come from the various parts of the Barpeta & other districts